Lawyers Specialized in Cases of divorce and Separations

Our commitment in all types of divorce or divorce, whether with children in accordance or without children, is to attempt to solve the couple’s crisis in a friendly way, which is why we will put all our means into trying abogado expertoen propiedades to reach an agreement. Full visibility. Our clients are promptly informed of the status of the procedure and the talks so that they have the necessary information to make the ideal decision.

Continuous advice and accompaniment. You will have our advice in all levels of the procedure in which you will always feel followed.

The best Defense before the Courts of Justice. If for any reason an amicable agreement cannot be reached, we will defend your interests before the Courts of Justice almost like it were our own. twenty years of experience and successes guarantee us.

It is scientifically proven that in the event of a couple crisis in which there are minor children, the best thing for the little ones is the so-called shared child custody, but in some niches, our people in politics never have seen fit to draft a law in which shared child custody is the model to continue.

It is also true that the Great Court has stated that Shared Child custody is the desirable infant custody program, but in some niches, the reality is not that.

If you are a man and want to fight for your children to spend the same time with you as with your ex, we recommend you hire the best joint child custody lawyer you know because it is not an easy task. In our attorney we have authentic joint child custody specialists who will help you achieve it.

It will be possible that you have a Judgment that manages the time that you can be with your children, the visits, the alimony of your children, the use of the home and even the compensatory pension plan that you have to pay to your ex. Well, the word can be modified.

When we talk about Modification of Measures, we are referring to changing the Judgment, changing what the Judge determined in his day and having it to the new reality.

If you are not given joint child custody at the time because you are not with your children and now you have a good relationship with them, if your salary has been reduced or you have more expenses, if your children are of legal age, if your ex has another partner… in conclusion, if the circumstances considered when passing the word have changed “substantially” it will be possible that you can request a modification of Measures.

Except in some Autonomous Communities such as Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Of the islands, when you get married, your economic program is the Gains Economic Program, frankly, no matter who earning more money or less since whatever is earned within the marriage is both spouses equally.

In the event of divorce or divorce, you can request that all assets and bank accounts be distributed, but this does not mean that all the assets that you can get at the end of the marriage have to be divided 50%, since it may be the case that some assets do not fit together. both.

Our lawyers specializing in liquidation of joint property will ensure that whatever matches to you legally is assigned to you, do not hesitate and enquire for advice

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